Always remember

♡ pathetic shit ♡
Teach me how to love you like I wrote. ♡ pathetic shit ♡
Hypocritical beings disgust me. ♡ pathetic shit ♡
Come back into town and show me all the lines of your body. I will remember you.♡ pathetic town ♡
Touch me. Teach me how to live.♡ pathetic shit ♡
Holy shit. ♡ pathetic shit ♡


i feel like tall people at concerts have everything they want in the world

Warped Tour.

♡ pathetic shit ♡
It’s over and you don’t see it. Stop it. ♡ pathetic shit ♡

look at how he slightly smiles during it

Please.♡ pathetic shit ♡
"I want to scream
until my lungs ache for air
like they did when you left me
I want to feel something again
because sitting here, not feeling anything at all,
is like I’m engulfed in smoke that leaves me feeling numb
I want to scream
until I can’t remember what it feels like to feel nothing at all
I want pain to replace this emptiness
because at least the pain will remind me of you
because right now I can’t even recall what it felt like to have you wrapped in my arms, or the way your voice sounds when you are anxious
but oh my god anything has to be better than this"
I feel so lost: Carol Shlyakhova(strong-but-breakable)

♡ pathetic shit ♡

♡ pathetic shit ♡
♡ pathetic shit ♡

following back everyone until i find a tumblr gf♡

♡ pathetic shit ♡
♡ pathetic shit ♡